A visit from the Bangor Underground

Last Thursday as I was working at the lab I heard a noise behind me. I spun around to see a strange new face. The individual identified themselves as Pigeon, wheat paste artist. Pigeon explained to me that his goal is to make Bangor a more interesting place to live and he was wondering if our equipment could be of any use.

We worked for a few hours transferring digital images of his drawings onto wood and vinyl. We used the laser cutter to burn the image into plywood (below) and the vinyl printer to make some Pigeon bumper stickers (above). Pigeon was very pleased with the results and said that they looked even better than his drawings. I was happy that we could support an artist who cares so much about Bangor and I was also excited to test the capabilities of our equipment.

Pigeon <3 Bangor and we <3 Pigeon

I’m still not sure how Pigeon managed to sneak up on me, but I guess thats why he’s such a pro.