IMD 520 – Film Class Utilizes New Equipment on Production (VIDEO PREVIEW!)

The class of IMD 520, titled Year in Film, is a course designed around the introduction of film production to both Intermedia graduate and New Media undergraduate students. This semester, the class was divided in to two production teams assigned to produce two scripts which were submitted at the beginning of the semester. I was lucky enough to have one of the scripts I co-wrote with my brother be chosen by the class to go into production. Armed with a group of determined students, I took on the role of director. Due to the limitations of trying to produce a complete film in one short semester, we are currently wrapping up filming and heading into the post-production phase of the eventual 20 or so minute film.

With the recent purchases of high end film equipment, the production value of the film has increased immensely. Utilizing the departments newly purchased equipment such as the Canon 5D Mark ii, a complete line of Canon L-series lenses, a Kessler Pocket Dolly, and Redrock Micro Shoulder rig, students learn how to produce professional quality digital video through a valuable collaborative film production environment.

I thought I would share the first minute of my film, Telling Hannah since I believe it serves as a decent example of the high level of video quality that could not have been accomplished without the Intermedia departments new film equipment. Watching this,  I am really excited to see what students will produce with this equipment in the future.

And now, the first minute of Telling Hannah. Hope you like and want to see more!
Telling Hannah, first minute preview.


Telling Hannah, (first minute) from Neil Shelley on Vimeo.