A look at the complete Red Epic Rig!

I recently put together one of the many possible set-ups for the Red Epic and accessories we have. What is shown below is more of a serious set-up, geared towards tackling larger productions. This set-up is a good example of the many possibilities that are capable with such a rig. What you can notice in the pictures is the main camera brain, which is the first box closest to the lens. Next is the quad battery module which can simultaneously hold up to 4 batteries (Redvolts) that can be hot-swapped out while shooting. And last is the high end I/O module equipped high end audio and video ports for various outputs and inputs. Finally, the most noticeable is the the shoulder rig, with both front and back padding to better help balance the camera on your shoulder. This entire rig can be placed on top of a tripod for tripod shots then taken off and thrown on your shoulder to go from various set-ups with ease. As I continue to learn the workflow of this camera, I will be sure to post footage soon! As for now, enjoy the pics!