New Media Capstone Presentations May 2

Open presentations of New Media capstones. These are presentations from Mike Scott’s section of Capstone. Presentations will be 20 minutes with a 10 minute Q&A

All welcomed.


Adam Bouffard

Thursday May 2nd, 4pm – 212 IRMC (old steward commons)

Title- Going Viral: An Exploration of Viral Media


Abstract- “Going Viral” will explore what elements cause a video to go viral, the different stages of attempting to create a viral video as well as the best methods for attempting to reach“viral video” status. The end result of this project will be an attempt at creating a viral video of my own.
Thursday May 2nd, 4pm – 212 IRMC (old steward commons)

Sam Foster & Seth Smith

Title: Sidekick: Exploring How Humans Discover New Spaces


Humans are put into situations everyday in which they must discover and adjust to new spaces.  This exists not only in the physical world but also the virtual world as new technologies frequently push the boundaries of what humans find familiar.  Thus, it is imperative to ask the question, “How do humans discover and adapt to new spaces?”  This proposed project is aimed to explore this question by having the user take part in and manipulate an artistic installment through the use of his or her shadow.  This project will rely heavily on both the physical and psychological connection that humans have with their shadows as well as the manipulation of visual stimuli to create a seemingly familiar environment.  This capstone will explore the human relationship with shadows and how this perception can be pushed and broken to facilitate an interactive installation.  Accomplishing this will result in a better understanding of how users discover technologies and spaces in the emerging world.

Thursday May 2nd, 4pm – 212 IRMC (old steward commons)

Chris Bryant



New Media applies to the manipulation of perception with the intent to alter behavior and attitude. I am exploring the changes in behavior when a personís perspective is changed. To do this, I developed this project to manipulate a participants views to a third person point of view. This creates the illusion of the mind being projected out of the body, much like an out-of-body experience. I am building this idea off of the results of a research project on induced out-of-body experience done by Dr. Henrik Ehrsson from the Karolinska Institutet. Also the “Avatar Machine,” a design project that makes you look and feel like youíre a video game character, by Marc Owens in the UK. I am currently studying how people adapt to the new perspective.


Thursday May 2nd, 4pm – 212 IRMD (old steward commons)

Ian Mcginley

Title: Drummatik



Drummatik is a browser-based, community-oriented online step sequencer built using javascript, html5, and php. The web app has a focus on cloud storage and its large library of professionally hand-crafted audio samples. Drummatik is also unique in the way it allows users to upload their own samples to create an ever-growing palette of user-generated content.


Thursday May 2nd, 4pm – 212 IRMC (old steward commons)

Lindsay Heald

Title- View From Above: An Interactive Photo Mosaic Installation

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 1.25.17 PM

New media is a vehicle for digital interactivity and one which encompasses manydifferent creative fields. This project will essentially be an evolving new media art piecethat integrates photos from all over the world to create photo mosaic portraits. Oncephotos are collected, they will be repackaged to create new images. The main objective ofthis project is to give new meaning to old things. Several different technologies will becombined to achieve this goal, and in the end users will be able create art and explorethemselves with this creative art installation. This project is important to the field of NewMedia as it addresses the third and most important paradigm of computing: many-to-many. It embraces collaboration and allows for many people to benefit from the work ofmany other people. View From Above will serve as a creative project that investigatesmore personal topics, rather than research based theories.