Fall 2015 Tech / Fab Workshops

The Innovative Media, Research and Commercialization Center (IMRC) invites you to participate in a new workshop series utilizing the unique array of technology that the IMRC has to offer to the residents of the state of Maine.  The IMRC serves as a technology and start up incubator for our local communities by providing training and and opening up access to cutting edge technology.  If you’d like to register for any of the workshops below or if you have any questions, please contact the instructor via their listed email address.

Please address any general workshop questions to our project coordinator, Gene Felice.

Fall 2015 Tech / Fab Workshops include:


Workshop #1: Wooden Automata: Blending old & new technologies
The object of this workshop is to familiarize participants with the tools and techniques that are used in making wooden, hand-cranked automata via both new and old forms of technology. This workshop will include creation of automata via the IMRC fabrication equipment (i.e. laser cutter, 3D printer, wood shop, etc.)

4 week course – Wednesday’s 5:30 to 7:30 pm @ The IMRC
Workshop dates: starts October 7th & ends October 28th
Age range: 16+ & adults
$120 per person (all materials provided by instructor)
instructor: Wade Warman – IMRC Lab Tech
instructor contact to RSVP or for more info: wadewarman@gmail.com



Workshop #2: Designing with a Laser Cutter
Learn how to use vector design software such as Adobe Illustrator to print / cut with a laser cutter and get actual hands on experience with our Universal Laser cutter system.

Workshop dates: starts Tuesday Sept. 15th & Thursday Sept. 17th, 5:30 to 8:30pm @ The IMRC
Age range: 16+ & adults
$60 per person (all materials provided by instructor)
instructor: John Carney – IMFA adjunct faculty
instructor contact to RSVP or for more info: johno.carney@gmail.com





Workshop #3: Apple Products Professional
Learn professional user techniques on a variety of Apple software platforms.  Three workshops, one each day focused on the following subjects:
Mac fundamentals – date & time tbd
iPad/iPhone fundamentals – date & time tbd
iBooks Author – date & time tbd

Workshop dates:  August 18th thru August 20th
Age range: adults
Six 90 min courses – times tbd @ The IMRC
$25 per person per course
instructor: Duane Shimmel – IMRC Audio / Video lab manager / Apple Products Professional
instructor contact to RSVP or for more info: duane.shimmel@maine.edu



3D Boyz-25

Workshop #4: From 3D Scanning to 3D Printing
Learn how to 3D Scan an object or person with a variety of techniques, then 3D print it on one of our 3D printing systems at the IMRC.

2 days / 3 hr per day course –  @ The IMRC
Workshop Dates / Times:  5:30pm to 8:30pm, Wednesday & Thursday, October 14th & 15th
Age range: 16 thru Adult
$60 per person (all materials provided by instructor)
instructor: Gene A. Felice II – IMFA and New Media faculty / Supervisor of IMRC Fab Labs
instructor contact to RSVP or for more info: gene.felice@maine.edu




Workshop #5: CNC Design, Setup, and Machining
Learn to create 2.5 and 3D designs in Aspire V8 to then send to the CNC Machine for cutting. Learn to understand how to delineate Speeds and Feeds for basic CNC Machining on the Shop Sabre 4896. Learn to set up and use the CNC Machine to cut your designs out. This workshop will help you to design your ideas in a 2.5 and 3D using Aspire, a modeling software specifically designed for artists and tinkerers. In this workshop we will cover the process of creating your designs and learning the different parameters to think about when creating an article for the CNC process.

Workshop dates:   4 week course – Starts Nov. 3rd Tuesday’s, 5 to 7:30pm @ The IMRC
Age range: 18+ or 16+ if accompanied by adult
$100 per person (all materials provided by instructor)
instructor: Sean Taylor – IMRC Fab Lab Manager
instructor contact to RSVP or for more info: sean.taylor@maine.edu