IMRC Equipment Room: Gear of the Week

Gear of the Week is a new series that will highlight and discuss available gear in the IMRC’s Equipment Room. From cameras to audio recorders, projectors to Wacom Tablets, the IMRC’s Equipment Room offers a wide range of gear for all your media needs.

Today, Gear of the Week will focus on the IMRC’s newest piece of equipment: the Sony Zoom H4nSP audio recorder. This audio recorder is solid state and has two built-in condenser mics in the X/Y stereo position. There are also two XLR inputs which also double as quarter inch phono jacks for musical instruments. In addition, Sony claims that the recorder’s battery life can last up to eleven hours while in “stamina mode.” The device also offers four tracks of simultaneous recording and can be used in conjunction with many DSLR cameras.

This rugged field recorder is excellent for musical recordings, interviews, and filmmaking. The IMRC now has two H4N’s, so please feel free to come by and try rent them out!

For more information on the H4N, check out their website at: