Owen Smith mentioned in “The Boston Globe’s” review of “You Can’t Get There From Here”

The Portland Museum opened it’s 2015 Portland Biannual exhibit this past October, entitled, “You Can’t Get There From Here.” Among the 32 artists, whose selection eligibility was hinged on a “meaningful connection” with Maine, was UMaine’s own Owen Smith. Smith is the Intermedia MFA Program Director, department of New Media Chair member, and the IMRC Director.

Last week, The Boston Globe published a review of the exhibit and mentioned Smith’s work. In comparing Smith’s piece to Anna Helper’s suspended metal sculpture, Sebastian Smee states, (Helper)…invites unexpected comparison with Owen Smith, who has placed four TV screens, suspended from the ceiling, just inches from the floor, facing down. To see what’s on the screens, you must lie down on your back on comfortable mats and wriggle your head up under them. What you see from this supine position is footage of the sky, with shifting clouds and the occasional passing bird.”

Smee then continues to suppose that Smith’s pieces are not to be “taken too seriously as art.” However, I’ll let you decide for yourself. Check out Smee’s complete review here. The exhibit is on display until January 3rd and tickets are only $12 and can be purchased online at www.PortlandMuseum.org. Let us know what you think!