IMRC Spring 2016 Workshop #2: Laser Cut & 3D Printed Gears – Thursday, April 7th at noon

Led by Wade Warman –

A 1-2 hour workshop for the IMRC that will teach participants how to create gears using Rhino software (found in room 118). Participants will then be instructed on how to take the files they created in the software and fabricate the gears using either laser cutters or 3D printers. This workshop is not intended to create a fully finished piece of kinetic art or machinery, but to show the possibilities of component fabrication. As such, very little prior experience will be required.

It will be very important that each participant is at least somewhat familiar with the Rhino software interface. Because of which, it will be required that each person watches and completes the tutorial prior to the workshop.

The tutorial can be found at:

This tutorial is approximately 1 hour long, and students will bring their saved file as proof that they completed the tutorial in order to participate in the workshop.

FIRST HOUR: Demonstration of how to create both crown and spur gears using Rhino. The instructor will demonstrate how to create each gear for laser cutter use (DXF files) as well as 3D printers (STL files). 4 files total will be created.

SECOND HOUR: Instructor will take each student and give them a brief overview of 3D printers and laser cutters. The participants will then be able to create 1-2 gears of their choosing. (Due to length of time involved with 3D printing, this method will not result in immediate objects, but will be available).