IMRC Spring 2016 Workshop #4: Design and print your own decal / sticker – Friday, April 8th at noon

Led by Meo Pourreyron

Learn how to create a sticker design using Adobe Illustrator and print it using the vinyl printer/cutter Black Cat Cougar. Limited to design within 3×3 inch measurements.

This workshop will have two main sections:

  1. Intro to Illustrator tracing tools (30 minutes)
  2. Create basic shapes. Manipulate the points of the shape with the direct selection tool.
  3. Importing an image from the internet and trace it with pen tool to create your own design.
  4. Choose the color for the sticker.
  5. Upload sticker design onto the PC hooked up with the printer.
  6. Intro to printing with Black Cat Cougar (45 minutes to 1 hour)
  7. Create tracing/cutting paths.
  8. Measure the area of printing and cutting.
  9. Load vinyl onto printer (choose between 10 different colors)
  10. Send the sticker design to print and print it.

Supplies required

  • a Laptop with Illustrator 5 or newer (free trial versions available on
  • a USB drive/stick