Broke it? Pfft! We can make a new one!

So, on Monday I found out I have tendonitis in my right wrist.  My care provider nicely gave me a great stretchy wrap for my wrist, and we’re hopeful it’ll die down in a week or two.  All was well until I lost a clip to the bandage.  Naturally, at the IMRC, this wasn’t a problem.   I could do this!  20 minutes of work with Fusion 360 later,  I had a model. About 15 minutes after that, I had a pair of clips hot off the Lulzbot extruder printer.  I was a little dubious. Would an extruder printer be able to print a sharp enough point to stick into the bandage?  YES!  Would they be strong enough? YES!  Would my design stay on?  Better than the ones that came with it, apparently!  

Has the clip got a downside?  Well, it wasn’t the prettiest clip, and it does tear into the bandage a little more than the originals did.  Luckily, it’s not tearing up the bandage so badly that it would shorten the bandage’s useful life.  The clip never failed during use, though I did break a claw when I was testing it with my finger the next day.  Even so, it still works fine!  In time, I have no doubt doctors will refer to these as Shultz Clips in the ER.

Caveat:  Don’t actually come to us if you need medical help. See a medical doctor.  The only doctors we have here are art historians. And definitely, definitely don’t hold your breath on printing organs at the IMRC…