IMRC Center is excited to host 2016 BlackBearHacks

The UMaine Entrepreneurship Club is in the process of organizing a Hackathon: an event where people come together to solve problems. The purpose of this event is to collectively engage UMaine students of varying disciplines in creating solutions to a given prompt or theme. The event serves as a great opportunity for students to develop new skills, engage their creativity, and meet all kinds of great people!

In the spirit of a traditional Hackathon, the event will run for 36 hours and teams will be competing for a Grand Prize: $500 cash, and automatic entry into the finals of the UMaine Business Challenge.

The theme for this year’s BlackBearHacks is Foods, Oceans, and Renewable Resources: Innovating Maine’s Heritage Industries.

The aim is to make this event applicable to students of a wide variety of disciplines. It is not necessary for teams to be made entirely of computer programmers or engineers. In fact, Student Mentors with backgrounds of Business, Computer Aided Design, Programming, and Graphic Design will be made available as a resource to all teams competing in the Hackathon.

To summarize, the Entrepreneurship Club is organizing this exciting event as a means of kick-starting the entrepreneurial spirit on campus. We believe that bringing people together to work on projects they care about will do just that.

If you have any questions, or would like to support us in making this event a reality, please don’t hesitate to contact us! All are welcome, all are encouraged, and all should come!

Teams should consist of 2-8 students, of any skill level and from any major/walk of life.

Click here for more information or to sign up!