Spring 2017 IMRC Workshops: Natural Lighting Techniques for Photography w/ Amy Pierce

Natural Lighting Techniques for Photography
Workshop Leader:  Amy Pierce
Date / Time: Friday, April 14th, @ 5pm
Location:  Meet at IMRC APPE Space

Materials that Participants Should Bring: a DSLR camera (mandatory) and an object you’d like to photograph (optional)

Harness the power of natural light by creating technically and aesthetically sound images of people and objects using professional natural lighting techniques and the shaping devices available through the IMRC equipment room. Learning to observe and successfully use the least expensive, most powerful light source around, will open up many visual opportunities for your image making. Techniques learned in this workshop can also be applied to filmmaking.

Basic understanding of working with a DSLR is expected. Enrollment is limited to 6. Please RSVP by emailing the instructor: amy.o.pierce@maine.edu