Spring 2017 IMRC Workshops: Audio Recording & Editing with Logic Pro X w/ Ryan Wilks

Audio Recording & Editing with Logic Pro X
Workshop Leaders:  Ryan Wilks
Date / Time: Monday April 10th @ 2pm
Location:  IMRC AV Labs

This workshop is intended for those wanting to explore audio production with Logic Pro X.  If you are experienced in audio production, or just interested in how it works, this workshop will be worth your time.  Explore the following topics (and more) in this one hour workshop:

Get right to work – Design a template to avoid monotonous/tedious project setup

Explore your sounds – Explore file editing techniques and audio manipulation procedure

Automate your tracks – Tips on how to make edits in your automation with and without a MIDI controller
Please RSVP by emailing the instructor: ryan.wilks@maine.edu