Spring 2017 IMRC Workshops: Matte Cutting 101 w/ Alicia Champlin

Matte Cutting 101

Workshop Leader:  Alicia Champlin

Date / Time: Monday, April 3rd @ 3pm

Location:  IMRC Fab Labs

Attendees will learn the basics and critical best practices for matting prints, drawings, photographs and other 2D work, through demystifying the overwhelming range of options available from custom framers and craft stores. In this workshop, we’ll cover the various materials, tools, and equipment; we’ll clarify how, when, and why to apply archival standards; and we’ll learn a few foolproof techniques for creating a gallery-ready, professional-looking treatment. 

This will be a 2-hour workshop, limited to 6 people. A cost of $7 per person for materials will include: mats, blades, backing materials & mounting tape

Please RSVP by emailing the instructor: alicia.champlin@maine.edu