Tuesdays at the IMRC: Visiting Artist Becca Albee

The Intermedia MFA program is excited to continue their fall 2017 visiting artist lectures series, known as Tuesdays at the IMRC. This year’s visiting artist roster promises the community a robust season of contemporary artists from across the country and around the world.

Our seventh event on December 5th at 7:00p.m. is with Becca Albee, giving an artist presentation in the IMRC APPE space.  

Becca Albee is a multimedia artist known for her photo-based conceptual art. Albee is a veteran of the 1990s “riot grrl” scene, a loose affiliation of women artists, writers, and musicians who merged punk rock’s rebellious DIY ethos with a commitment to feminism. Whether she’s creating a sound installation based on figure skating champion Dorothy Hamill, revisiting the scandalous fake memoirs of silent actress Joan Lowell, or juxtaposing photographs of flowers with newspaper clippings, feminism remains one of Albee’s central commitments. Albee has exhibited widely in New York City and collaborated with punk rocker and activist Kathleen Hanna in a two woman show at Fleisher/Ollman in Philadelphia. She was a 2009-10 LMCC Workspace resident. More info can be found at her website: http://beccaalbee.com

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