Bending Worlds

The Polaris Prize, a coveted recognition that occurs far north of here recognized these two. I’ve been thinking about the Arctic for years. I wanted to force this in as an IMRC post, even though it may seem like pop music at first, yet there’s an awful lot goin’ on here. The filming, the audio, the music, granted, but then the Indigenous element and their combined history. This might be still within the domain of music?  and if so, why post it here? But I’ve written about her before.  The throat sounds are by Tanya Tagaq, an Arctic Indigenous performer who went to art school in Halifax. Tanya’s a throat singer and went to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Tanya also did an amazing, experimental piece with the Kronos Quartet. She’s joined & collaborated with music from Iceland and Finland’s Sami tribe.

Buffy did the seemingly forgotten but spectacularly experimental “God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot” in 1969. I am not sure how this relates to my work– but it does inspire. I do see world bending going on here. Tanya is breathing in as if she’s a drum of some sort. The drums sort of “drone”. Two different Indigenous groups have teamed up here in Buffy and Tanya. Any mix of Tribal culture and pop music is a profound juxtaposition. Finally, Buffy, in 1969, gave us the world’s first ever quadraphonic vocal album. On that album, Buffy wanted her vocals to be altered by Buchla synthesizer– back in 1969.