Da Moon

You bet I’m interested. And, it is possible to purchase (a deed to) land on the moon. Sign me up. I’d even like a studio on Venus if no one minds too much, up in the clouds there. Okey, let’s talk more. I study post-modern thinking, so this is relevant to my studies. I try to study ways to contemplate (using music & noise) illogical ideas or absurd schemes, along with the history that is associated with absurdity. Repeat after me. Dada. Alfred Jarry (1873-1907 wikipedia) is, undoubtedly, cheering me on and I plan to buy property on the moon as a holiday gift for one of my children.

I will be writing in my thesis about Jarry’s pataphysics– the study of exceptions, pretend answers, or imaginary solutions. I put together an installation, last month, just a simple one, of an “imaginary musician doing John Cage’s Silence.” Materials consist of a sign, chair, cane, glass jar, three coins, and two silk flowers. In another work of mine performed last year, I played a duet with a fountain, hurdy gurdy and fountain. The script or score asked that if anyone wandered up to me, stop playing (“take a solo, fountain”). Before that and if you’re game, a duet with a cardboard box. Done that. So, concepts that lie beyond the finite bounds of logic, the art object or a musical piece all resonate with me. Now, this sort of thing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some accept it momentarily for a laugh, but Dada’s beginning was anything but mere entertainment. Capitalist society, and just much of what we are comfortable with, is based on the eager acceptance of conflict and, ultimately, war.  Even now and with tomorrow’s election day, so much of our idea of civilization is based on exclusionary thinking, our time-honored yes/no paradigm, something closer to the heart of Dada’s point or objection. Stay tuned and I’ll write more on this.

Hipster Mona by a company called Society 6.

On April 1st, 2017 I had announced (fictitiously) that IMRC will build an outpost on the moon (I made it all up).  How about an IMRC AP/PE space up there? It’s going well; it’s that window on the left. Here’s a picture.

We’ll need some help getting the piano there, oh, and some music stands. Since the moon has no trees, we’ll bring in lumber to keep the shop going. Hipster Mona gives me a thumbs up just below the frame.