The IMRC Center will provide a CITE for innovation: Community,  Innovation facilities,  Technical support, and Education.

Code and Creativity Conference at the University of Maine

Community: a place to collaborate with a network of fellow innovators, creators and forward thinkers and connect with a range of people with diverse perspectives who all share a variety of common interests.


Experimentation with an interactive touch table in the Media Labs

Innovation facilities: state-of-the-art workspaces with high-end design/prototyping tools and media production facilities.


Workshop on Variable Media

Technical support: IMRC provides in-house experts and peer-to-peer mentorships for technical support in audio and video production, physical production, and product prototyping.


New Media Department’s Open House

Education: courses and workshops covering topics such as equipment use, media production, software, design and prototyping, and entrepreneurship and marketing are provided by the IMRC Center and its partners, Innovative Communication Design Certificate Program, Foster Innovation Center and the Intermedia Graduate Program.