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Innovative Media Research & Commercialization Center


The IMRC Center was funded by a Maine Technical Asset Fund competitive bond from the Maine Technology Institute, the University of Maine, and the Intermedia MFA Program. The goal of the IMRC Center is to re-envision creative teaching/ learning/ research models with an aim to resituate creative practice within larger knowledge-making practices and expand its impact and range.  Key aspects of the programming associated with IMRC will focus on:

  • The creation of innovative content design and delivery (in both traditional and digital media).
  • The development of visually educated, culturally attuned work force and future creative and business leaders with a broad knowledge base in a range of media and design technologies.
  • The further establishment of a culture of research and development in new media, intermedia, information technologies and creative industries in the State of Maine.

The IMRC Center, in cooperation with University of Maine, the Foster Innovation Center, and the Maine Technical Institute is seeking to form partnerships with businesses, large and small, non-profits and educational institutions to reach out to those with new ideas or those in need of new solutions, new skills and/or new options. If you would like to partner with IMRC please contact us to discuss possibilities and options.Academic Partners of the IMRC Center include:

The Department of New Media

The Innovative Communication Design Graduate Certificate Program

The Foster Student Innovation Center

The Intermedia MFA Program

Sustainability Solutions Initiative

The Department of Communication and Journalism


Business Partners of the IMRC Center include

INSYT New Media™, LLC


ARCADIA designworks