Workforce Training

working at a 3D printer

The IMRC Center’s mission is to be a central support for the creation of an new creative class of innovators and makers who see our world as one of opportunities and new futures. The programming, the workforce training and research initiatives at the IMRC are intended to help develop a new ‘culture’ of innovation and creativity for the state of Maine. Building on the cutting edge technical facilities of the IMRC Center our staff is dedicated to simultaneously supporting what are often seen as divergent sectors, that is the arts, business and commercialization, and technology and research. We offer a range of support and initiatives for continued and new hands on media training, creative production, research, development and commercialization; pursuing collaborative creative and/or research and development initiatives with potential for beneficial economic and social impact; enhancing Maine’s capacity to compete for external funds related to technological development; and working directly with creative producers (both individuals and businesses) to take their ideas and prototypes through the stages of development to commercialization.

Increasingly, states are looking to the information and innovation economy to revitalize traditional industries such as textiles, forest products, and tourism. At the same time, they seek to develop new industries, particularly in digital fields and media production. UMaine has already made substantial investments in achieving these aims, particularly in adding value through technology development to Maine’s resource-based industries and, over the last decade, through the forward thinking creation of several programs of an interdisciplinary nature created from campus-wide collaborative initiatives, including the Intermedia MFA, the Foster Innovation Center and the new ICD Program. This history of cutting-edge development in New Media and innovation has helped establish UMaine as the state’s leading institution in collaborative efforts in technology and innovation.

The IMRC Center’s programming will enable the University of Maine to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art training and development for creative and workforce needs in media production, film and video, prototyping, information design, and in skills central to many disciplines across campus. Further, the IMRC Center programming will benefit the State of Maine by helping to stimulate wide-reaching economic growth, training in media tools and technologies and bolster the visual, musical and theatrical arts on campus and across the state. The aim of the IMRC Center is to generate a comprehensive, sophisticated stage of creative development that will have a multi-level effect: support R & D initiatives, provide workforce development, expand innovation and creative production, support innovative graduate degrees in the Arts (Intermedia MFA and on line graduate certificate in new and social media: Innovative Communication Design), provide a means to make Maine nationally and internationally competitive in this sector and make UMaine an international leader in creating new opportunities in interdisciplinary arts and technology.

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