Past Workshops

Photo of IMRC Library

IMRC Spring 2016 Workshop #3: IMRC Library Guide – Friday, April 8th at noon

Led by Ozgur Akgun Come and explore the IMRC Media Library, with more than three thousand books and its extensive audio-visual collection, offers great variety of information. You can find in-depth information about modern art movements and artists. The media collection also provides examples of sound and video based art. In this tour, you will […]

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Circuit Bending at the IMRC!

Hey all! Recently both Rob Duarte and Nathan Ober (awesome artists, both of them!) hosted circuit bending workshops. I was able to attend, and lemme tell ya, its as cool and as fun as you think! If you’re curious on how its done (super easy!) and maybe have an idea you wanna ry out, stop […]

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