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Why Silk Screening?

Some people have hobbies. I have obsessions. Lately one of my primary obsessions is silk screening, or more accurately, screen printing since the screens aren’t actually made of silk anymore. I’m actually a little surprised at this. For majority of my creative career I’ve had a passion for high-tech, always seeking out the newest, latest […]

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A visit from the Bangor Underground

Last Thursday as I was working at the lab I heard a noise behind me. I spun around to see a strange new face. The individual identified themselves as Pigeon, wheat paste artist. Pigeon explained to me that his goal is to make Bangor a more interesting place to live and he was wondering if […]

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Laser cut folded cardboard houses

  Susan Smith came to me a few weeks ago with a problem. She had an idea for a sculpture and wanted to make fifty or so identical cardboard houses. They would be small, just a few inches tall, but there had to be an easier way than to meticulously cut them all out by […]

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