The Innovative Media, Research and Commercialization Center is a research center, a support facility and a community for people who like to expand their minds and develop new skills and then apply what they learn by building, inventing, and creating. You will find a wide range of skill sets in the people associated with the IMRC Center, from technical concepts and media production to creative thinking and innovative problem solving. We are also a physical space where you can come and have access to wide array of equipment you are not very likely to find in one location anywhere else in Maine. Not only do we provide equipment, but our staff is knowledgeable about the equipment and can give you tips and pointers on operating the equipment, suggest design strategies and even assist you in the translation of your ideas into a prototype or media of your choosing.

In the IMRC space you’ll find people working with 3D modeling, interactive technology, theater and performance, wood working, product design, software, music and audio recording, art, electronics, film and video, photography, and even electric bikes and DIY 3D scanners. We are an interdisciplinary center for creative engagement and we belive that having such a variety of people pursuing their interests in proximity to one another creates richness and opportunity. The IMRC Center is for productivity, personal growth, learning something new and even participating in some amazing collaborative projects. We hope you would like to be a part of what we are doing at the IMRC Center, come give us a visit and we will show you around.

We aim to foster a community of creative producers that supports the creative process and learning environment. In the age of DIY makers and micro-economies, IMRC Center wants to help you turn your ideas into reality. By providing an environment of creative people, cutting edge technology and equipment, and space to work in our aim is to help you do something amazing.