Audio Production Facility Lab

One of IMRC's recording studios. Photo by Amy Pierce

Photo by Amy Pierce

The Audio Production Facility (APF) is a professional-grade recording studio.  These resources are intended to support audio research, experimentation, and development of skills and techniques in contemporary audio production.

The facility also functions as an instructional studio/classroom for various types of audio production including: voice and instrument recording; foley/ voice/ sound effect recording; voice over; broadcast production; audio documentary; sound design; 5.1 surround sound production; multitrack mixing; and mastering.

Any member of the University community can purchase use of the APF Studio and its engineer. For specifications of equipment in the Audio Production Facility, as well as manuals and pictures please view the APF equipment list.

In addition to the Audio Production Facility, there is an electronic music studio also located in the IMRC Center. The APF can also be used in conjunction with the AP/PE space for large scale recording, spatialized audio work and experimentation.

For fees and booking information:  Visit the Facilities Use Request page for more information.