Community Memberships

IMRC Community Membership Information

All University of Maine students (full and part-time) receive a free community membership to the IMRC!

Anyone in the State of Maine is also eligible to gain access to all of the IMRC labs & equipment by signing up for an IMRC Community Membership.  We currently have two different levels of memberships with an additional family option, each with their own benefits:

OPTION 1: Part-time Maker / Creator:

$50 per month or (1 year prepaid for $480)
3 days a week access (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 9 to 7pm
with a full year membership you get:

  • 4 free IMRC workshops per year
  • Free basic safety / tech training
  • Free wifi
  • Free kitchenette access

OPTION 2:  Full-time Maker / Creator:

$100 per month or (1 year prepaid for $960)
5 days a week access (Monday through Friday) 9 to 7pm
with a full year membership you get:

  • free workshop per month
  • Onsite locker for storage
  • Discount on tech assistance
  • Free listing on our project partner page (coming soon)
  • Free basic safety / tech training
  • Free wifi access
  • Kitchenette access
  • Free equipment rental (limited to mid-level equipment) per month.

Family Option:  Bring your kid ages 12 and above (+ $15 per month) all children under 18 must be supervised by accompanying adult with IMRC membership.

Community memberships give you access to all of our Fabrication and A/V Labs once you are trained and set up your Materials / Machine Time Debit Account (see below).  You will be able to log your machine time on our new Accounts system and use the equipment independently. Basic lab / equipment assistance is also provided by our dedicated lab techs.  Full service Tech service is also available at an hourly rate.

All Students and Faculty of the University of the Maine are eligible for free Community Memberships, however they still have to set up Materials / Machine Time Debit Accounts and go through all safety / equipment training.

Before anyone uses any of the IMRC Fabrication Lab equipment, they must go through safety & equipment training and set up a Materials / Machine Time Debit Account with our IMRC Fabrication Lab Manager Sean Taylor.New Accounts have a minimum start up deposit of $30.  This $30 is designed to cover the cost of late equipment fees or yours to use to pay for consumables and time on our various machines / equipment in the IMRC fab labs, but is otherwise non-refundable.  Additional funds can be added to accounts in increments of $20.  A minimum of $20 must be in your account to access IMRC equipment rentals.  All Material / Machine Time Debit Account payments must be made with cash or check. Please contact Sean Taylor via the contact form below for more info or to schedule a time to come in and set up an account.  All Fabrication Lab fees and training details can be found here.