Research Assistants, Fellowships & Internships

The IMRC Center offers a variety of support for students and other involved in our programs and facilities

Graduate Student Research Assistants

The MFA in Intermedia has several Graduate Assistantships available each year for working in the IMRC facilities. These include Research Assistantships to support technical facilities in the Fabrication and CNC Labs, Support the video and audio production facilities, support with equipment oversight and check out, and developing and leading some of our workshop events. These are awarded to MFA students only. Awards are given based on the quality of the applicant’s portfolio and departmental needs. Graduate Assistants are obligated for 20 hours a week to assist in or oversee facilites at the IMRC Center. Under normal circumstances Graduate Assistantships are awarded for a maximum of two years. For more information and to apply visit the Intermedia MFA Web site.


The IMRC offers several Fellowships per year to support creative producers by providing access to our facilities and a small stipend for consumables. These fellowships are intended to support the overarching goal of the IMRC Center, to re-envision creative teaching/ learning/ research models, with an aim to resituate creative practice within larger knowledge-making engagements and expand its impact and range. By bring in creative producers and professionals from around Maine we aim to develop a new ‘culture’ of innovation and creativity for the state of Maine. Building on the cutting edge technical facilities of the IMRC Center these Fellowships are part of a larger initiative to create programming that will simultaneously support what are often seen as divergent sectors, that is the arts, business and commercialization, and technology and research.The selected Fellows will be part of our initiatives  for continued and new hands on media training, creative production, research, development and commercialization; pursuing collaborative creative and/or research and development initiatives; and enhancing Maine’s capacity to compete for external funds related to technological development.


The IMRC Center is interested in offering internships to appropriate students from any campus in Maine. The internships can be for credit or as a learning experience. In general interns work 10 hours per week in one of our research area or labs, but an internship can also be done in association with our programming, work in the media resource center, or even working with one of the Researchers in Residence. For more information on internship possibilities send a letter of interest and a resume to