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IMRC 104 – The Fernald Adaptive Presentation & Performance Environment

The Allen 54′ and Sally 55′ Fernald Adaptive Presentation & Performance Environment is a modular space that can be utilized in its full volume (125 persons) or partitioned into smaller production, experimentation, and presentation areas.

  • Movable walls, curtains, scrims, and windows
  • Adjustable sound and lighting devices
  • Folding chairs
  • 20′ reverse projection screen
  • 2K digital projector
  • JBL loudspeakers / subwoofers
  • Sennheiser wireless microphones
  • Crestron audiovisual infrastructure

IMRC 103 – Immersive Audiovisual Environment

With a working capacity for up to 25 persons, the Immersive Audiovisual Environment supports 360-degree audiovisual projects, installations, exhibitions, research, and presentations.

  • Four NEC 4K projectors
  • Mackie Pro-Studio speakers blended for quadrophonic audio
  • Focusrite Scarlet 18i20 audio interface
  • Two Audio-Technica PRO 45 ProPoint cardioid condenser hanging microphones

IMRC 112 – Information Technology Classroom

Comfortable for up to 25 persons, the Information Technology Classroom supports flexible and collaborative learning.

  • Four round tables with built-in outlets
  • Four smart tv monitors with Chromecast access
  • Large-format projector, screen, and speakers
  • Whiteboard-treated walls on all sides
  • Extron control panel and audiovisual system

IMRC 113 – Computer Lab Classroom

Outfitted with 17 workstations, the Computer Lab Classroom provides students, faculty, and guests with technology resources.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Apple Final Cut
  • Fusion 360
  • Solidworks
  • Large-format projector, screen, and speakers
  • Extron control panel and audiovisual system

IMRC 122 – Seminar and Conference Room

The Seminar and Conference Room can comfortably accommodate up to 15 persons and is designed to support staff and faculty meetings, project working groups and focus groups, student clubs, film screenings, video conferences, and webinar development.

  • 70″ high-resolution display panel
  • Built-in tabletop HDMI and electrical outlet ports
  • Region-free DVD and Blu-ray player
  • MacMini computer
  • Wall-mounted PTZ camera
  • Wireless microphones
  • Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Skype, and Face Time compatible


Open to the Stewart Commons Atrium common area, the Kitchenette can be made available to complement event reservations.

  • Refrigerator, sink, and microwave
  • On-demand hot water dispenser
  • Modular stainless steel countertop with barstool seating
  • High-top and cafe-style seating

Each lab in the Audiovisual Suite can accommodate multiple individuals and are capable of interconnecting for collaborative multifunction use. Whether utilized individually or as a full AV suite, these labs offer a platform for creating digital content and serve to showcase innovation and foster research.

Lab resources include:

  • multiple 5.1 listening and 4k viewing environments
  • acoustically treated recording and listening spaces
  • Mac Pro workstations
  • analog and digital recording equipment
  • audio production, engineering, mixing, and mastering equipment
  • sound and lighting consoles
  • audio testing tools,
  • midi-keyboards
  • Raid project hard-drives
  • audiovisual production software including AVID Pro Tools and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

IMRC 108 – Audiovisual Classroom

This room features a group listening and viewing space with dedicated digital monitor and speakers. It can comfortably support fifteen around its central conference table, and can be used as a classroom, presentation room, or meeting room for AV oriented organizations, clubs, and research groups.

IMRC 109 – Video Production Lab

Room 109 is set up with additional digital displays to accommodate video production.

IMRC 110 – Podcasting Lab

Room 110 is outfitted with boom microphones for simultaneous voice recording for podcasting and interviews.

IMRC 105 – Electronic Music Lab

Room 105 accommodates electronic music production with industry standard tools and software.

IMRC 106 – Control Room

Room 106 doubles as an additional learning studio as well as the live sound and theater lighting control room for the Fernald Adaptive Presentation and Performance Environment.

IMRC 115 – Fabrication Lab

Interested in post-processing or adding the finishing touches on a project, prototype, or piece of art? Perhaps you just want to get down to business and work with your hands? The IMRC Fabrication Labs offer a traditional workshop with hand-tools, hand-held power tools, table saw, bandsaw, sanders, planer, miter, drill press, vacuum former, and paint spray booth. Additionally, the Fabrication Labs are also outfitted with fully-integrated high-performance compressed air and dust collection systems. All lab users are trained to safely access the lab and encouraged to learn new and traditional ways of hand-assembling and finishing their creations for presentation.

IMRC 116 – CNC Lab

Whether it’s laser-cut maquettes or 3D printed designs, the CNC is where final iterations of many real-world prototypes come to fruition. As an extension of the IMRC Fabrication Lab, the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Lab focuses on digital manufacturing and the complex routing of wood, plastic, copper, brass, and aluminum.

The ShopSabre 48×96 inch table router can operate on plywood sheets and other types of metal or plastic and is equipped with a vacuum hold-down system that eliminates the need for clamping materials to the table.

IMRC 120 – Electronics Lab

The lasers in the electronics lab are among the most used resources at the IMRC due to ease of use, efficiency, and precision. From cutting wing spars out of balsa wood to highly intricate etching in leather, lasers are ideal for creative expression.

In addition to the Full Spectrum 120W Glass Tube Laser, and Universal VLS 4.60 50W Laser, the IMRC Electronics Lab also provides an electronics workbench with soldering irons, desoldering gun, multimeters, and oscilloscopes. For lab users who want to create their own circuits or use prefab circuit boards such as Arduino, the IMRC Electronics Lab also furnishes a circuit board printer and a fully stocked parts cabinet.

IMRC 121 – Prototyping Lab

The Prototyping Lab provides students, faculty, staff members, and community guests with opportunities to take a design from theory to practice in a safe and supportive learning environment. Serving as a multipurpose maker space and digital sketchpad in 2D & 3D, the IMRC Prototyping Lab fosters creative and collaborative communication of ideas through established and experimental pedagogies, tools, and processes.

The IMRC Prototyping Lab houses multiple stereolithographic, extrusion, and sandstone 3D printers, vinyl cutters and printers, large format digital color printing, 3D scanning, and Adobe Creative Cloud integrated computer stations.

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To ensure your event is supported by all applicable university services, all groups hosting an event at the IMRC Center are responsible for registering with the appropriate authority. Contact with any questions regarding on-campus event policy.

On-Campus Groups: complete the UMaine Event Registration Form

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Registration Form Terms: The organization accepts full responsibility for its event and will ensure that all applicable federal, state, county, city, and University of Maine laws and policies, as well as organization policies, are observed and/or enforced. The organization understands that they are required to monitor the behavior of all individuals in attendance during the event and to appropriately deal with issues promptly. The organization understands that failure to abide by all terms of this agreement and all University policies/State laws and regulations may result in disciplinary action and/or monetary fees.

Non-Commercial Use as defined by UM CORE:

  • University resources may not be used to subsidize any form of external business.
  • Subsidized (non-commercialized) University resource usage outcomes must contribute to University research and development, education and/or service.
  • Non-commercialized resource usage requires federally mandated rates set by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School (OVPRDGS) and Coordinated Operating Research Entities (CORE) Administration.

Commercial Use as defined by UM CORE:

  • Non-subsidized service rates allow for the IMRC Center to provide University resources for individuals who have procured funding through industry contracts, sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, or limited liability companies.
  • For any commercialization of IMRC Center resources, the University must maintain strict non-competitive pricing with regard to all other businesses within the state of Maine to remain in compliance with federal and state regulations.
  • Commercialized resource usage requires CORE approved rates set by IMRC Center Administration based on non-competitive industrial rates.

Materials listed as part of our established rates are part of our conventional inventory.

However, this is not an exhaustive list of materials that can be used with our equipment. Please inquire at regarding sourcing and rates for other materials.

  • Cancellation within 24 hours of service start date must be made in person or by phone at 207-581-8822 
  • Non-Commercial usage cancellation will incur all service fees for service(s) already completed at or before time of cancellation
  • Commercial usage cancellation after user agreement to service estimate will incur 25% of all applicable service costs
  • Commercial usage cancellation within two weeks of service start date will incur 50% of all applicable service costs
  • Commercial usage cancellation at or after start of service will incur all applicable service costs
  • Damage to IMRC Center equipment or facilities through negligent, reckless, or willful conduct is billable.
  • Please note that IMRC Center policy restricts users from accessing the facility and its equipment, regardless of prior training and iLab status, after 14 days of nonpayment beyond invoice date.
  • Access is reinstated (typically within 48hrs) following the full payment of any outstanding balance.
  • If you are experiencing a financial hardship that makes timely payment a challenge, please contact us at
  • Keeping outstanding balances low allows us to advocate for the continuation and expansion of beneficial resources.
  • All self-service users must complete required basic safety training and equipment training prior to making reservations.
  • The IMRC Center aligns with and adheres to all campus guidelines and safety measures outlined by the University of Maine System and UMaine Orono campus ordinances.
  • As a University of Maine facility, The IMRC Center is a place of interdisciplinary, experiential learning first and foremost. We ask all users to understand that equipment and technology may falter or be busy from time to time and that students or staff may make mistakes during their learning process.
  • In accessing IMRC services, all users acknowledge that all best efforts are made to set and meet clear expectations of service excellence in accordance with the Operational Guidelines & Essential Functions of the Center, under the guidance of UMaine Research, and in alignment with the Vision & Values of the University.

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