IMRC Center hallway with two students conversing at a small silver table. A third student walks toward them from a small flight of stars positioned in the corner of the hallway.

IMRC Center Safety Training

Click here or click the online training link below to enroll in the free IMRC Center Online Training Classroom. Completing online safety training grants MaineCard (Student ID) access to the labs.

In-person training is also available. Click the in-person training calendar link below to schedule a training session with us.

After safety training, please register in the CORE iLab equipment reservation system. Click here or scroll down for more information on how to create an iLab account.


Creating an iLab account to reserve IMRC Center equipment


Creating an iLab account with UMS credentials

PDF Guide for University of Maine System users

Creating an iLab account with external credentials

PDF Guide for Non-University of Maine System users

After logging into your new iLab account, bookmark this page for fast IMRC Center access!

For additional assistance, please email