Welcome to the IMRC Center at the University of Maine

The Innovative Media Research and Commercialization (IMRC) Center is an interdisciplinary research and experiential learning facility at the University of Maine.

Through close collaboration with Coordinated Operating Research Entities (CORE), Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR), and other university partners, the IMRC Center provides experiential research and interactive learning environments to stimulate academic inquiry, promote pursuance of scholarly merit, and foster unique teaching, learning, and mentorship experiences. 

The IMRC Center provides access to high-performance research, design, media production, and prototyping tools and state of the art workspaces, as well as in-house technical support and training to a user base that includes all University of Maine students, faculty, staff, departments, clubs, centers, and organizations, as well as the surrounding University community, the State of Maine, the Federal Government, and external clients near and far.