Student Spotlight

Phoenix is seated at the center of the image holding a guitar. At the left, a student holds a banjo, while another student behind Phoenix looks directly at the camera smiling. The students are seated in an audiovisual lab with a mixing program on a computer behind them.

Student Spotlight: “On a Mediterranean Tugboat”

Check out “On a Mediterranean Tugboat” by Phoenix Sanchez ’25.  Phoenix spent many hours recording and processing the album at the IMRC Center over the last semester. Phoenix tells us: “When I found out that there were multiple professional recording studios that were free for student use, I couldn’t believe it, but I also couldn’t believe […]

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Mechanical Engineering graduate student recording custom 3D printer in the IMRC Center Recording and Production Lab

Recording 3D printer sounds at IMRC Center

Mechanical Engineering Student Drew Browning carefully observes as a custom 3D printer creates a sample project in the acoustically controlled environment of the Audio Recording and Production Lab at the IMRC Center. As the motors and extruders whir and chirp to life, small measurement microphones capture the sounds of the device for later analysis using […]

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