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Insect photogrammetry device assembled by UMaine PhD Devin Rowe 2023

A Bug’s Eye View

Devin Rowe, PhD student in Ecology and Environmental Sciences, shared the results of his recent insect photogrammetry project, for which he built an insect scanning structure at the IMRC Center. “My brother-in-law gifted me a 3D printer. Being an entomologist, I started browsing for insect-related 3D prints and I found the scAnt 3D Insect Scanner […]

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A close up shot of white acrylic jigs, several feet long by about an inch wide, are lined up next to each other on a workbench

Thomas Rod Company: A Community Tradition

  Thomas Rod Company of Brewer, Maine, approached the IMRC Center with a request to use contemporary technology to support traditional techniques going back well over a century. The company creates hand-hewn Tonkin cane bamboo fishing rods, using practices not far removed from those used by F. E. Thomas when he founded the company in […]

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EET 115 Spring Class 2021 Exhibition

Electrical Engineering Technology Students Install Creative Design Projects on Campus

Electrical Engineering Technology students of EET 115 Creative AutoCAD recently installed their final laser-cut, and 3D printed lamp creations in the MaineBound Garden (Facing the Collins Center for the Arts). Creative designs and conceptual approaches to 3D modeling and laser cutting highlight intersections of art and technology at UMaine! The course, co-taught by Jude Pearse, […]

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