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School of Biology and Ecology student Sadia Crosby stands to the right of a large print. The print is a highly-magnified image of browntail moth hairs.

Micro-Image Your Research

Student photomicrography celebrated in “Micro-Image Your Research” event  The Electron Microscopy Lab, in conjunction with the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center, both members of the University of Maine’s Coordinated Operating Research Entities (CORE), invited student researchers to consider a new perspective on their specimens this semester. “Micro-Image Your Research” invited undergraduate and graduate students […]

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The finished Ice Vice next to some components and prototypes

(Don’t) Break The Ice

IMRC Center fabrication technician Sean Taylor worked with School of Earth and Climate Sciences PhD candidate Hanna Brooks to create a solution to an ongoing problem for those that study ice core samples. Each core contains microscopic layers that tell researchers about the chronology of the ice and its geological surroundings from thousands of years […]

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EET 115 Spring Class 2021 Exhibition

Electrical Engineering Technology Students Install Creative Design Projects on Campus

Electrical Engineering Technology students of EET 115 Creative AutoCAD recently installed their final laser-cut, and 3D printed lamp creations in the MaineBound Garden (Facing the Collins Center for the Arts). Creative designs and conceptual approaches to 3D modeling and laser cutting highlight intersections of art and technology at UMaine! The course, co-taught by Jude Pearse, […]

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