New Research Learning Experience (RLE) Course to be Offered at IMRC Center

Solving complex challenges often benefits from a creative, innovative, and arts-based approach. To rapidly deliver tangible outcomes and provide students with increased opportunities for applied hands-on learning, the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization (IMRC) Center supports the early immersion of students into an interdisciplinary and experiential learning environment. As such, the IMRC Center joins with a new UMaine tradition for first and second-year students in offering a Research Learning Experience (RLE) course (tuition-free 1 credit courses coupled with a one-week residential program). The RLE course offering is as follows:

RLE 22 Modern Creative Practice Utilizing Technology

Drew Hooke and Sean Taylor  |  Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center

Engage with high-performance laser cutting and engraving equipment, rapid prototyping, design thinking processes and other ideation concepts to develop and memorably communicate a unique persona or brand identity. Develop ideas through digital means for real-world applications. Explore and solve complex challenges that benefit from an arts-based creative and innovative approach through immersion into an interdisciplinary and experience-driven environment.

RLE 22 Course Outcomes | Participants will be able to:

  • use advanced equipment and technology to achieve complex goals in a safe and efficient manner
  • utilize hands-on experiences and modern technology to accommodate immediate feedback through reality-based rapid prototyping
  • engage with studies in creativity and concept development research through digital interfaces, designs that accept rapid feedback and real-world testing
  • effectively communicate progress and results through various presentation methods
  • develop and employ healthy strategies to redefine failure and success, and to introduce a vocational and academic growth mindset

Watch the course video here

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