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QR Code for IMRC Center and IMRC Center logo cut into wood puzzle pieces by the IMRC Center Universal Laser being recognized by a phone camera as a web address ZOOMED IN

My Ideation Journey at IMRC Center | Part 2

My fifth week working at the IMRC center had more purpose than ever before. After choosing the idea I wanted to pursue, I began redesigning it virtually. This week consisted of trial and error, with new advances in regards to my novel idea. With each iteration, I realized more about what works well and what […]

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Whiteboard with pictures and text formed into an ideation web

My Ideation Journey at IMRC Center | Part 1

Throughout my fourth week here at the IMRC Center, I began the process of ideation with these recent experiences still fresh in my mind. This journey for my mind needed to take place in a space that allowed my ideas to develop organically and gradually. Thus, in the Information Technology Classroom, I began with a […]

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Purple and blue theater lights shine on 3D printed objects in the IMRC Center's Adaptive Presentation and Performance Environment. An astronaut floats on the projection screen.

Creating Unique Event Environments at IMRC Center

For my third week interning here at the IMRC Center, I experienced even more in the Audiovisual Labs. This time, I explored something entirely new. The objective for this project was not only immensely enjoyable for me, but the outcome of all of this would serve as an example of the endless opportunities made possible […]

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IMRC Center intern, Ariana hard at work in the Electronic Music Production Lab at IMRC Center

My first recording at IMRC Center!

After getting a sense of the facility’s purpose and how to properly use its various resources, the following week here at the IMRC Center has proven itself to be even more intriguing. In the course of my second week here, the Audiovisual Labs have been the primary focus. Familiarizing myself with the equipment was a […]

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Close up image of a wooden frog cutout

My first week at IMRC Center!

As a student interning at the IMRC Center, the first week has been enlightening to say the least. Starting off the week with student orientation was a great way to begin understanding more about the center and its purpose. After hearing each interpretation, I’ve begun to realize how every experience is unique and what remains […]

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Image of the Roland VersaStudio BN-20 Vinyl Printer in the IMRC Center's Prototyping Lab

GUIDE: Printing Vinyl Stickers with the Roland VersaStudio BN-20

Interested in printing some custom vinyl stickers? The IMRC Center has you covered with the Roland VersaStudio BN-20. The first thing you need to do when printing stickers from the Roland VersaStudio BN-20 is have a finished design, once that’s done it’s down to Adobe illustrator and Versaworks software. After that, you’ll upload the graphics […]

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Image of Laser Cut Acrylic on display in Nutting Hall Exhibit 01

GUIDE: Choosing the Right Laser for Your Project

Do you have a digital piece you’ve created that you think would look really good engraved into a piece of Birch, maybe a two-inch-thick Oak board? At the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization (IMRC) Center, there are two laser engraving options, the Universal VLS 50W Laser and the Full Spectrum 120W Glass Tube  Laser. Both […]

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Image of the Object Subject Project Exhibition

Object Subject with Ian Beckett

Part of my work at the IMRC is as a lab technician, where I provide resources and information to those looking to use the equipment IMRC has available. I am also a graduate student in the Intermedia Masters of Fine Arts program. The IMRC is a place where technical skills collaborate with artistic production. Part […]

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A Collection of Photos by James Winters

Metaverse Thinking with James Winters

Born on Long Island, New York in 1958 to a mother who studies art and a father who was in Benny Goodman’s band, I eventually moved to Maine as an adult after working in the Caribbean as a trombonist back in 1989. Maybe this is why I love light & color. I found my life’s […]

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