Spring 2023

Spring 23 UMaine IMRC Center Newsletter "Immersed" Vol. 2 Issue 2

IMRC Center Spring 2023 Newsletter

View S23 IMRC Newsletter Print Version (PDF) Supporting Research and Innovation April 2023 brought Maine Impact Week back to the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization (IMRC) Center, celebrating research and creative activity from all corners of campus. IMRC Center staff offered tours of the facility to about 65 guests, including members of the Institute of […]

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School of Biology and Ecology student Sadia Crosby stands to the right of a large print. The print is a highly-magnified image of browntail moth hairs.

Micro-Image Your Research

Student photomicrography celebrated in “Micro-Image Your Research” event  The Electron Microscopy Lab, in conjunction with the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center, both members of the University of Maine’s Coordinated Operating Research Entities (CORE), invited student researchers to consider a new perspective on their specimens this semester. “Micro-Image Your Research” invited undergraduate and graduate students […]

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Insect photogrammetry device assembled by UMaine PhD Devin Rowe 2023

A Bug’s Eye View

Devin Rowe, PhD student in Ecology and Environmental Sciences, shared the results of his recent insect photogrammetry project, for which he built an insect scanning structure at the IMRC Center. “My brother-in-law gifted me a 3D printer. Being an entomologist, I started browsing for insect-related 3D prints and I found the scAnt 3D Insect Scanner […]

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A close up shot of white acrylic jigs, several feet long by about an inch wide, are lined up next to each other on a workbench

Thomas Rod Company: A Community Tradition

  Thomas Rod Company of Brewer, Maine, approached the IMRC Center with a request to use contemporary technology to support traditional techniques going back well over a century. The company creates hand-hewn Tonkin cane bamboo fishing rods, using practices not far removed from those used by F. E. Thomas when he founded the company in […]

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The finished Ice Vice next to some components and prototypes

(Don’t) Break The Ice

IMRC Center fabrication technician Sean Taylor worked with School of Earth and Climate Sciences PhD candidate Hanna Brooks to create a solution to an ongoing problem for those that study ice core samples. Each core contains microscopic layers that tell researchers about the chronology of the ice and its geological surroundings from thousands of years […]

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Phoenix is seated at the center of the image holding a guitar. At the left, a student holds a banjo, while another student behind Phoenix looks directly at the camera smiling. The students are seated in an audiovisual lab with a mixing program on a computer behind them.

Student Spotlight: “On a Mediterranean Tugboat”

Check out “On a Mediterranean Tugboat” by Phoenix Sanchez ’25.  Phoenix spent many hours recording and processing the album at the IMRC Center over the last semester. Phoenix tells us: “When I found out that there were multiple professional recording studios that were free for student use, I couldn’t believe it, but I also couldn’t believe […]

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IMRC Center Influential Art Based Film Series Flyer

IMRC Center Influential Art Based Film Series

The Innovative Media Research and Commercialization (IMRC) Center welcomes a new eight-event series exhibiting a selection of the most influential and artistically diverse movies since the emergence of the movie camera. The curation of films spans 140 years of evolving genres, mediums, technologies, and cultures. Film categories (abstract, seminal, pop art, and documentary) have been […]

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